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Your ideal choice: 2024 summer jewelry trends

The summer season is coming and it means that soon we will be wearing more lightweight clothes that allow us to demonstrate our style and individuality in its best way. And since jewelry is an integral part of any stylish outfit, it's time to get ready for the new season and revise your summer jewelry wardrobe. 

To better understand what will be trendy and what you can add to your jewel box, read on. 

Top 7: summer jewelry trends 

The main motto of the coming season is freedom of expression, courage and expressiveness. That is why in the collections of famous designers you will mostly find massive or somewhat unusual jewelry created to attract attention. However, some more minimalist accessories will remain relevant, as this trend has been inherited from previous years. 

Here are the main 2024 summer jewelry trends that should definitely take their place in your everyday life:

1. Body chains

Various body chains are exactly what you need for your open summer outfits. Not many people wear such accessories, and in vain. Body chains can emphasize your figure and easily become the center of attention in your outfit.

Lisa and Espacio body chains are the most versatile positions in our catalog, which can be easily mixed for any occasion.

2. Hip jewelry

In addition to body jewelry, hip accessories will also be popular this summer. It's great to combine them with monochromatic skirts, shorts, or light pants. This way you can draw attention to your hips and emphasize their feminine shape. 

Pay attention to our Calor transforming body chain, because in a moment it can transform from a spectacular basque into a classic body chain or stylish suspenders!

Espacio transforming belt is more laconic, but no less functional, because it can be used as a chain around the waist, as a belt for trousers, as a chain for sunglasses, or as a long necklace.

3. Massive bracelets

The latest fashion shows of famous brands have set the trend for massive bracelets. Nowadays, you can safely wear them both over your sleeves and just on your arm. There are many options, so choose what you like best and don't be afraid to express yourself with such accent jewelry on your wrists. 

4. Minimalistic anklets

Not many people recall that there is also jewelry for their legs, and this is especially worth paying attention to this summer. Minimalist chains in gold and silver will be in trend. Use anklets in your outfit when you have open ankles and shine!

Orxata offers anklets that can be transformed into a bracelet if necessary. So, consider investing in the Rio transforming anklet or Lisa bracelet.