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5 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Season

A lot of people follow the seasonal trends in jewelry sphere, however, you probably agree that spending money on something that you will wear only a couple of times a year is not the best investment. 

It is much wiser to invest in a set of several jewelry pieces that will be actual for any season and outfit. Such accessories can also be called "classics", as they never get old and always remain appropriate. So, let's take a closer look at what is worth getting.

Must-have jewelry: what to buy

The phrase Must Have stands for something you should definitely get. It's about versatility, beauty and convenience at the same time. In the case with jewelry it is about the absence of the need to match it every time, because there is something that is true for every occasion. Here's what stylists recommend to pay attention to:

Hoop earrings 

This earrings will be on trend all year long. Moreover, they are suitable for both business and casual outfits. It is better to choose models made of gold or silver and without gems, or with small ones of neutral colors. As for the size, it is worth considering not very large diameter of this jewelry pieces, so that they will become really universal for you.

In Orxata's catalog we have Bola Earrings, which despite the rather common form, will definitely be one of your most complementary accessories.

Stud earrings

Another must-have jewelry is stud earrings. These laconic accessories can be a great accompaniment to any outfit and will suit girls and women of any age. Also, this is one of the the most comfortable models. You can wear this earrings both under a hat and under a fancy hairstyle. "The gold standard" are considered to be diamond stud earrings, however, you can consider different variation.

We can offer you our Barcelona Transforming Earrings. Thanks to the optional short chains that are included, you can easily make these jewelry pieces more interesting. Here are a few options of how they can look:

Chain necklaces

A chain necklace should definitely be in the arsenal of every woman. It stands for style and femininity. These jewelry pieces are real must-haves because of the opportunity to use them as an independent accessory, as well as complement them with various pendants. Moreover, it is possible to combine necklaces with each other (for example, a choker necklace with a longer one) to make an accent in the outfit. This way, you can wear such accessories all year round, and yet, have a basic piece of jewelry that is easy to top off.

Orxata has several options to offer, which may fit into your jewelry assortment really well. And the best part is that each of them is a transformer that allows you to replace several jewelry pieces. Below are some of our bestsellers.

Rings without gems

If you are looking for a versatile jewelry for your fingers, then give preference to rings without precious inserts. It is an ultra-practical accessory that will suit any season. By the way, for a special occasion, such rings can be easily mixed with almost any jewelry, even one with multi-colored gems. This certainly makes it a must-have for your jewel box. 

We suggest that you pay attention to the Sol Transforming Cuff-Ring and the Forma Transforming Ring, which you can order in gold or silver. In addition to the eye-catching design and wearing variability, you also get accessories with adjustable size.