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Hi! My name is Olena Kucherniuk.

My dad was an engineer. Since childhood, I was inspired by his inventions and patents. Creating of useful and multifunctional pieces is something that has always been natural and understandable for me. Therefore, my body jewelry could only be like this - transforming. In each category of Orshata jewelry there are transformers that can be customized as you like. Size, design, length, shape - no restrictions. They don't require fitting - perfect for online shopping.

We make all jewelry by hand from gold and silver in a small Kyiv workshop.

The word ORXATA pronounces as ORSHATA. It's a Spanish soft drink, like an almond milk just made of local chufa seeds) "Or, xata!" is translated from the Valencian dialect as "Gold, pretty girl!", and the letter X in the middle of the word repeats the shape of the body chain. Perfect match!)






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