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Conscious Jewelry: How Our Brand is Making a Difference in the Industry

From the very beginning of Orxata's existence, our main goal was to create universal transforming jewelry pieces that would suit every woman and at the same time have no analogues. It was also essential to us to have all of them eco-friendly, because we stand for conscious consumption and environment protection.

We have managed to achieve each of our goals, and we are glad that our customers support this initiative. So, now let us tell you a little more details about what we are doing to change the industry for the better.

Production from durable materials

The first thing that is important to remind you of is that we are all about making durable jewelry. Our team works only with 585 gold and silver. Thus, the jewelry can be worn for many years, which means that it can be your best ecological investment compared to buying short-lived bijouterie. You pay only once and get a high-quality product that definitely pays for itself in the long run.

Conscious jewelry means to order

Also, you should be aware that to avoid overproduction, we work mostly to order. So, you will almost never find finished products in our workshop.

That is why, when you place an order, we inform you that it takes from 1-5 business days for production of jewelry pieces in silver and from 5 to 10 days for gold ones. Nevertheless, be sure that our conscious jewelry is worth the wait.

Here's how our masters work on each of your jewelry:

Many variations in one realization

The main evidence of the sustainability of our jewelry is its ability to be transformed. Absolutely each item presented in our catalog is not just a necklace or a ring, it is a lot of opportunities to demonstrate your creativity, as well as engineering talent. We offer from 3 to infinity ways to wear each position, which you can find on our social media. One of our accessories is able to replace an entire jewelry wardrobe, thus saving you money and space. Moreover, it can be another manifestation of your conscious consumption.

We should also remind you about the designs of our products. They are not only interesting and different from anything you have seen before. They are a new timeless classic that will always be relevant. Just take a look at some of our jewelry:

Everything is online

Yes, we don't have a showroom (at least not yet!) where you can come to try on the jewelry, see it in real life, and choose the one you like. You may think that it is a disadvantage, but if you look from the other side... It means that we and you do not pollute the air every time we physically get to the store. Also, we don't spend additional resources on the maintenance of the point of sale. However, it is worth mentioning that the concept of our conscious and eco-friendly showroom is already under active development!

In the meantime, you can easily choose your perfect piece of jewelry on our website, because we have a number of photos and videos for each position. Also, absolutely every Orxata’s adornment is adjustable in size, so you can't go wrong. It is easy to buy it as a gift or for yourself!

By the way, if you order jewelry as a present, we can pack it with a special card with your sincere wishes.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention our elegant yet eco-friendly jewel boxes. Thanks to the built-in handle made of high-quality rep ribbon, they do not require additional packaging. We have worked out every detail!

Take another step towards conscious consumption without compromising your own style and uniqueness with Orxata! Let us take care of both your aesthetic pleasure and +1 to your karma)