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Trend cycling or new wave of mono earrings popularity

Updated: May 7

For sure, jewelry is a great addition to any outfit of a modern woman. Thanks to it, even a basic clothing combination can look stylish and emphasize your individuality. 

Today, on the examples of mono earrings,  let's see how one small detail is able to make your outfit even more interesting.

What is mono earring?

So, one of the top earrings trends in 2024 are the mono earrings. They are worn only on one ear and thanks to this attracts twice as much attention. 

The style of such pieces of jewelry, as well as the variants for wearing them, can be completely different. That is why, you will definitely be able to find something for yourself, especially considering the fancy designs we find in present-day collections. Additionally it's worth mentioning that it is possible to encounter both mono earrings for women and men. This pattern has been trendy in the past and is relevant today, as it is mainly about standing out in a crowd and the ability to self-expression.

The history of mono earrings & our days

The origins of mono ear jewelry go back to the 80s. At that time, it was possible to witness their "boom". Rockers and musicians of new styles actively used such earrings for their looks. Complementing their outfits this way, performers demonstrated to the public rebellious character, out-of-the-box views and individualism.

Nowadays, we can see the new wave of mono earrings popularity. In 2024, these jewelry pieces were presented throughout fashion shows of such brands as Fendi, Gucci, Anteprima and others. 

How to choose a mono earring?

The designs of these accessories can be completely different, from bulky and odd-shaped to elegant and feminine ones that are suitable for any occasion. 

We suggest you pay attention to our Entero transforming Cuff-Necklace that can be your noticeable mono earring. Thanks to its design, it perfectly matches a set of jewelry for both everyday and formal outfits. However, the best thing is that thanks to the long chain, it is possible to wear this transforming cuff-necklace on neck and ear at the same time to look even more fashionable! 

So, you will definitely find your option for wearing it, because there are 7 of them, but who knows, maybe you will come up with more! 

Another great choice is our transforming Entero transforming Cuff-Ring, that has a shorter chain than in the aforementioned model. This small yet stylish detail can be a great addition to your jewelry box, if you want to wear a trendy mono earring, and at the same time, don't mind keeping a new offbeat ring in your arsenal, which is also fully adjustable in size.

In Orxata our main focus is to create designer jewelry that is suitable for absolutely every woman, thanks to the multiple wearing variations and universal size. Our accessories for sure will allow you to fully express your creativity. 

So, choose what you perfect match and don't wait for a special occasion!