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Before you start using (hereinafter referred to as the Website), please, read the Terms and Conditions of Website Use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms).

Please, consider, that by using the Website you agree with the Terms. Should by any reason you do not agree with these Terms, stop using the Website.


Website administration

The Website was custom-designed by the order of and is administrated by Kucherniuk Olena Andriivna, sole proprietor, acting on the basis of the extract from the Unified State Registry of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors, record number 2 074 000 0000 028782 dated 09.08.2016 (hereinafter referred to as the Seller).


The Seller reserves the right to:

- stop Website operation;

- limit access to the Website;

- change the Website partially or fully (including its content), these Terms, Public Offer Agreement, Privacy Policy.


Access to the Website

Persons aged 18 or older may use this Website. If you are younger than 18, you should get a permit to use this Website from your parents or guardians. Should you fail to comply with the Terms, the Seller reserves the right to terminate your access to the Website.

The Seller will do its best to maintain Website accessibility, but it can not guarantee seamless access under any circumstances. E.g., the Website can be temporarily inaccessible during updating, maintenance or for whatever reason beyond Seller’s control.


Website use and intellectual property

Website content and its components are the property of the Seller, its licensors and/or information suppliers, and is protected by the copyright law and other applicable laws.

The Website proper and its operation are the results of creative work and significant investments, therefore you are granted no other rights by the Seller than the right to use the Website for the purpose of obtaining information solely for private use. Private use shall be understood to be use (copying, downloading, printing out) of the Website content for personal non-commercial use, provided that you do not change or delete copyright information and trademarks or other notes on property rights.

It is expressly prohibited to use Website content for any other purposes, including by way of fully or partially changing, distributing, transferring, creating derivative works based on any materials, information or software contained in the Website.

Any permission for commercial use of the abovementioned materials is granted solely based on Seller’s prior written consent.



The Website may contain hyperlinks to third parties’ websites. By publishing such hyperlinks, the Seller assumes no responsibility for the operation of such websites, does not control their content and can not guarantee truthfulness and accuracy of information/content published on such websites.

Note that third parties’ websites can use different mechanisms for personal data processing. Given the above, we recommend that you read the terms of use and privacy policy of third parties’ websites  before using such websites or sharing your personal data.

Hyperlinks to other websites are included for your convenience and easy navigation. Visiting such websites shall be solely your option and responsibility. You assume all risks connected with visiting third party websites.


Change of the Website and terms and conditions of Website use

Changes may be made at the Seller’s discretion without prior notice. Such changes shall become valid from the date of publication of the Website.

Given the above, please, read the Terms each time you visit the Website and pat attention to changes and/or corrections that the Seller might make.


Limitation of liability

Neither Seller, nor third parties that were engaged in the design of the Website and the content (data) published on it shall bear no liability for damage or losses connected with accessing the Website or inability to access it, with Website use or inability to use it.

The Seller does not guarantee continuous or error-free operation of the Website, absence of viruses or other components that may cause damage to hardware or software.


Applicable law and resolution of disputes

The Terms and the use of the Website shall be regulated by the Ukrainian law. Except as provided by the law, courts of Ukraine shall have exclusive jurisdiction and be the sole authority for resolution of any dispute that may arise in connection with the use of the Website.

For international users

The Website was designed and is intended to be used in Ukraine. The Seller provides no guarantee that information presented on the Website is relevant outside Ukraine and that the product available for sale will be sold under the same terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

If you are in another country and you visit the Website or download information, please note, that you are personally responsible for complying with the laws applicable in your country.

Should you have any questions as to the use of the Website and its content, please contact us at: 04112, Kyiv, 1 Ihoria Sikorskogo st, FOP (sole proprietor) O.A. Kucherniuk or email address:

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