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Top-5 jewelry from covers in 2022

Updated: Apr 17

Bijouterie for the price of gold, micro-diamonds and maxi crystals: what jewelry did the most influential stylists choose last year? Here is my personal top-5 jewelry from the covers of fashion magazines!

#5. Melodie earrings by Lanvin on the cover of New York's The Cut magazine

This massive emerald-colored earrings are made of brass and rhinestones. As for now, their online retail price is (get ready for a shock;) - $890. Definitely, very beautiful jewelry piece. However, for about the same price, I would buy an almost two-meter long Lisa body chain from Orxata made of 14K gold. I respect the 130-year history of the Lanvin brand, but I respect real gold even more;)

#4. Harmonia Choker by Swarovski on the cover of Who What Wear

Swarovski themselves use the words "floating crystals" in the description of the necklace. The stones do have an innovative secret setting that creates the illusion of nakedness and weightlessness of massive necklace. I applaud the idea and the engineering implementation. And since original technical solutions always entail additional production costs (I know this very well from the pricing of our transforming jewelry), the cost of this piece of jewelry is also much higher than its less refined counterparts - 800 euros.

#3. Face jewelry by Gucci on the cover of V Magazine

My husband (who is architwct, by the way) has been persuading me to design a face jewelry for Orxata for a year now, but my inner entrepreneur so far prefers more commercially safe models. Although, our cuff-earring from the Verano set can easily be stretched from the nose to the ear. As for the cover jewelry, it is most likely customized specifically for the shoot, as I have not found an exact one in retail. The most similar chain from Gucci is made of brass and costs 590 euros.

#2. Alex and Tranahas bangles on the cover of RollingStone

Wide bracelets from the niche Australian brand are made of brass and plated with silver. The narrow one costs $375, the wider one - $625. If you are still surprised by such a price tag for such kind of jewelry from craft manufacturers, blame it on technological costs and artificial production, which are not obvious to the buyer (we in Orxata also do not create a large stock, but make almost all jewelry to order). Niche brands cannot afford the price tag of the mass market, because they simply will not survive economically. However, for a higher price, you can usually expect much higher quality and a truly exceptional product.

For me, this cover is also a personal satisfier, because in school I liked to wear bracelets and watches over my clothes, for which I was totally shamed by my classmates (hi, guys). But life, as always, puts everything in its place, including trendy bangles that is ON top of Selena's white bodysuit.

#1. Serpenti Viper Necklace by Bulgari on the cover of Elle Spain