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Accessorizing for special occasions: How to choose the perfect jewelry for wedding, parties and more

Special occasions and interesting events often take place in our lives, and of course, we want to look our best to make a lasting impression. That's why it's important to know not only how to assemble a cool outfit, but also how to successfully complement it with jewelry. This way, you can demonstrate to everyone your exquisite sense of style and feel for the tone of the event.

So, let's take a closer look at how to choose accessories for weddings, as well as evening and formal events.

Choosing jewelry for wedding

Every girl and woman dreams of a perfect wedding and the role of the most beautiful bride. Hence, a magnificent look and wedding jewelry is something that should be thought out in advance.

Of course, the first thing you have to do to start putting together your bridal outfit is to decide on a dress and hairstyle. Then, based on this, select the jewelry.

Jewelry color

There are several general rules for choosing the right color of jewelry:

  • for a white dress, pay attention to silver, white gold and platinum,

  • for an ivory or champagne dress - pink or yellow gold,

  • for colored dresses (or ones with color inserts), you can wear jewelry with stones of the corresponding tone.

This way, you will be able to keep your look in the same color scheme and look stylish and harmonious.

By the way, you can order transforming jewelry from Orxata in silver (plated with gold or white rhodium), or in solid 585 gold (yellow, red or white), depending on your budget and preferences.

Style of jewelry

Consider the style of the dress and the bride's body type.

For petite girls wearing dresses with a shallow neckline, we advise to look at a minimalistic set of jewelry. For example, it can be diamond earrings in combination with a short necklace + a thin chain bracelet, or a tennis one with diamonds.

In Orxata, there are various options of miniature bracelets that can be your perfect match. Here is one of our bestsellers - the Rio transforming bracelet, which will definitely be eye catching.

For plus-sized girls who choose a dress with an open neckline, we recommend more massive jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces, because they should not be lost in the outfit. So, in this case, you can pick long earrings to visually lengthen the neck and narrow the face, as well as an accent necklace that will attract the main attention. Optionally, it is possible to add a medium-width bracelet to emphasize the wrist, but at the same time not to draw the main focus to this part of the body.

In our catalog, you can find accent transforming necklaces that are also adjustable in size. For example, the Espacio transforming necklace, which is most popular among brides.

Combinations for evening and formal events

The main recommendation when going to an event is to pay attention to the dress code. Very often, organizers specify mandatory colors and styles in invitations. It greatly simplifies your life when you're preparing for an event, because you already have a rough idea of how to dress appropriately. Based on this, choosing jewelry is not so difficult.

Here are some more universal tips to help you choose ideal adornments:

  • Keep it simple. Don't overload your outfit with a large amount of accessories if you're not sure it's appropriate. It is better to opt for three universal pieces. For example, earrings + necklace with a pendant + ring.

  • Focus on the style of clothing. If you need to wear a more businesslike look, choose a restrained and minimalistic set of jewelry. However, for a more luxurious look, go for statement jewelry with stones.

  • Choose jewelry from the same set. If you are not sure that you will be able to combine different pieces of jewelry, give preference to a complete set. 

In Orxata, you can assemble a universal set of jewelry. For example, we offer paying attention at Barcelona transforming earrings, Barcelona transforming necklace and an interesting ring from the same collection:

Do we need to remind you once again that each of our jewelry pieces are adjustable in size and can be transformed into several more variants? Have a look through our catalog to make sure that Orxata is what you have been looking for.