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From Runway to Real Life: Statement Jewelry in Your Everyday Look

Each of us has at least once watched a runway show of famous fashion houses and was delighted with the combination of statement jewelry that can be seen there. However, honey is sweet, but the bee stings... In most cases, the question of how to wear such beauty in real life arises immediately.

So, we decided to dedicate our post to this topic. Everything so that you can not only skillfully combine basic accessories in your outfits, but also easily complement them with more accentuated and luxurious elements.

Statement jewelry: how to wear

Jewelry with large or asymmetrical pearls

Accessories with pearls are considered to be "timeless classics". Necklaces made of small pearls, as well as miniature stud earrings look especially elegant. However, this year's pieces of jewelry that were presented by such brands as Ulla Johnson, Gucci and others are far from everything we are used to. The designers offered us combinations with really large pearls, most of which are also oddly shaped.

In fact, this is a really cool trend that expands our horizons and shows that pearls can be suitable for casual style, as well as for girls and women of any age.

We recommend wearing such jewelry as accents. Also, the most trendy combinations will be with gold. They will fit well both under a sweater with jeans and under a classic black dress.

Massive rings

Another trend for the coming seasons is bulky jewelry for fingers. Here are the options presented at the Givenchy and Fendi fashion shows:

Such rings can be with gemstone inserts or simply made of solid precious metal. In the first case, we suggest adding such jewelry to evening, romantic or party looks. The second option is suitable for both everyday and even business outfits. Among Orxata's jewelry, such are the Malva and Entero cuff-rings.

Eye-catching accent cuffs

Since the latest fashion trend in the jewelry sphere is asymmetry and massive adornments, we can see how designers have realized it in the form of voluminous mono earrings and cuffs. Here are some examples from Valentino and Tory Burch.

Actually, this tendency can easily fit into everyday outfits, especially if you choose to wear such jewelry as accents, as well as pay your attention to more universal variants of it. For example, these can be cuffs without gems and inserts. In this case, they will be suitable for any occasion.

By the way, in our catalog you can find interesting options as well. The Sol transforming cuff-ring is one of them: