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Matching the rings: what you need to know

Any outfit will be stylish and completed if you complement it with the appropriate jewelry. To make it happen, you need a sense of style and proportion, as well as good taste, or just our help and this post;)

So, today we will focus on jewelry for our fingers and explain everything you need to know about matching the rings so that your hands always attract admiring glances.

Let's start with answering the most common questions.

How many rings can I wear on one hand?

There are no strict guidelines for the number of accessories you can wear on your hands. However, we recommend always remembering about moderation, especially if you are not going to make rings the main accent of your outfit.

If your choice falls on minimalistic accessories then it is best to leave two or three fingers without jewelry. This way, the combination will not look too multi-objective and burdened, but delicate and stylish.

However, when you want to wear a massive and accent ring (or it can be a set of several accessories on one finger), it is advisable making it the only element on your hand. In case you really want to add something it is better to select neutral and minimalistic ring.

Matching the rings on one finger, and how many of them you can wear

The most optimal option is to wear two rings on one finger. The gold standard is generally considered to be a combination of an engagement and wedding ring. However, you can implement this idea in many other interesting ways, as it is truly an endless field for your creativity. Here are a few options that you can try.

  • A mix of two similar minimalist rings made of different metals. For now, you are free to combine yellow gold and silver, white and rose gold, platinum and yellow gold, and so on. One piece of jewelry of a different color but the same style can make your set really interesting and classy.

  • Combination of wide and thin rings. This is another trick you can follow for a successful mix of accessories. Try to find in your jewelry box two rings that are similar in style but differ in width and combine them.

  • An ordinary ring combined with phalanx accessory. These days, you can see this trendy mix everywhere. It always looks fresh and attracts attention. However, if you want to buy yourself a phalanx jewelry, be sure to choose one that fits you perfectly, because there is a risk of losing it very quickly. 

By the way, all transforming rings from Orxata have an adjustable size, which allows you to wear them both on the base of the finger and on the phalanx. We advise you to pay attention to the Brillo transforming ring!

Another variant is transforming ring Forma:

  • Combination of rings with and without gems. Another interesting composition is a piece of jewelry with one or many gems (for example, pave rings) and a ring made of solid metal. This option is somewhat similar to the combination of an engagement and wedding rings, but its meaning does not correspond to marital status. That is why such a set can be more "flexible" and suitable for every woman. It is also worth mentioning that if you want to wear a piece of jewelry with a colored insert for such a set, it should be used as only one inclusion in this combination. Otherwise, the set will look like a mix of incompatible things. 

In Orxata we even invented a ring that can be either with or without gemstones! This is our double-sided Nimbo transforming ring.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that can be changed according to your needs and mood, then Orxata is the right choice for you! Our versatile transforming jewelry will definitely surprise you with its variability and give you complete freedom for self-expression. Check out our catalog and subscribe to the newsletter in order not to miss anything!