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Jewelry up to 200$ for gift

For many people, giving presents to others is even more enjoyable than receiving them. And to feel the true joy of gift-giving, you need to guess the other person's wishes 100%! But how to do it? 

Gift options for a friend, mom, or just a close person can be completely different. However, if you choose to buy jewelry, you will get several advantages at once:

  • The recipient will be happy with the present for many years

  • You can never have too much jewelry

  • This is a great solution when the recipient seems to have everything

Below, we offer a selection of unique transforming jewelry from Orxata, which will be an ideal choice if you are planning to spend up to $200.

Jewelry up to $200 from Orxata

For lovers of eye-catching rings of interesting shapes and designs, you can consider our piece of jewelry from the new Carino collection. 

The basis of this accessory is a minimalistic (but durable and practical) chain and a voluminous heart-shaped slider that adjusts the chain diameter and fixes it on the finger. So, you can wear this ring on any finger, both at its base and on the phalanx.

A classic complemented by a modern trend. This is how we can briefly describe our Bola set.

It includes classic hoop earrings, which are available in 585 gold or sterling silver, as well as a cuff with a chain.

The set can be worn together if you want to add some interesting detail to your look, or separately. The medium-diameter hoop earrings are suitable for any occasion, while you can wear the cuff depending on your mood and the chosen outfit. By the way, it is possible to wear our Bola cuff with any other stud earrings.

Various necklaces and chains are one of the most commonly chosen jewelry for gifts. We offer an unusual alternative to the usual designs in the form of our Flor necklace.

Thanks to the clasps in the form of small beads, the accessory transforms into at least 5 different pieces of jewelry - from a minimalist choker to an accent necklace. Our clients often call adjusting the length, volume, and proportions of this jewelry a creative process or even a meditation. It is so addictive that it is hard to stop).

This warm season, body chains will be in trend, and if you are looking for a present for someone who follows the latest fashions, you are in the right place!

Two movable sliders will allow you to quickly change the design of the jewelry the way you want. And again, for the price of one piece of jewelry, you give at least 5 - that's how many basic transformations this body chain has.

Find more jewelry up to $200 in our catalog!