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Jewelry for a gift within a $100 budget

Each of us has people who are more than just friends, acquaintances or relatives. We have a special connection with these people that we want to maintain at all times. 

That's why, when a holiday comes around, we always want to please them and begin to frantically search for the perfect gift that would be both memorable and within our budget. In such cases, a lot of us come to the conclusion that jewelry is the best gift option. And it is true! A high-quality piece of jewelry will delight the owner for a long time and remind them of your heartfelt attitude. 

Today, we'll take a closer look at how to choose jewelry for a gift if your budget does not exceed $100. So, if this is relevant to you, stay with us.

Choosing jewelry for a gift: the best options

Of course, buying accessories for yourself is much easier than selecting them for another person. You need to know the preferences, favorite style, size, and at the same time be within the budget. However, we in Orxata know how to help you and have prepared a list of transforming jewelry that can be the best gift for your close person.

Universal style, convenience, and multifunctionality are the most important features you need to know about our Sol cuff-ring. 

You can safely choose this article as a gift, because thanks to a specially designed movable slider, it is easily adjustable in size, which allows to wear it both as a ring on the finger base and as a phalanx accessory. 

In addition to wearing it as finger jewelry, our Sol is also a great cuff. You can easily put it on the cartilage of your ear by placing the jewelry through the thinnest part of the cartilage and sliding it down to the desired point. 

Below you can see some examples of how to wear this jewelry:

If you are looking for the most universal earrings that simply cannot fail to please and suit somebody, then our Arco position is exactly what you need!

These are stud earrings that will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a woman of any age and will complement not only a daily outfit, but also a festive one, as they transform from casual to dressy. 

Each ring on these jewelry is movable, so you can choose a new design every day. 

Here's how we suggest wearing Arco earrings:

We also have some great options in the bracelet category. Our Rio transforming bracelet is the real embodiment of femininity and elegance. It's impossible to take your eyes off it because its design has no analogues on the market. 

Plus, it is an ideal bracelet model for a gift, because it is adjustable in size (thanks to special clamps) and fits all kinds of outfits. And you can wear it in many interesting ways:

If you know for sure that the person for whom you are choosing a piece of jewelry loves non-standard ring designs, then pay attention to our Dos transforming ring, which will definitely impress everyone.


The basis of this jewelry is a thin chain on which there are movable sliders. They allow you not only to adjust the size but also to experiment with new and interesting wearing options.

Here's how you can wear this ring:

In Orxata's catalog you will find more versatile transforming jewelry under $100. Be sure that even with a limited budget, your recipient will be impressed by the uniqueness and quality of the gift from you and Orxata.