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Jewelry for teens: what to buy

Jewelry is one of the ways of self-expression, and of course, adults are not the only ones who have this need.

Adolescence is a very interesting period of personality development, when the formation of tastes, views on life, perception of yourself and others takes place. Teenagers want to experiment, but isn't jewelry too expensive for them?

Jewelry for teens: our recommendations

Of course, our first advice is to choose jewelry together with your teenager. Go to a few stores, look for interesting designs and positions, and be sure to try something on to determine the exact size of the jewelry. 

Don't rush into the purchase and ask your teen to search the internet for accessories that appear to be very attractive. Discuss what they like, what they don't like, and what else is worth looking for. 

We don't recommend buying low-quality bijouterie, even though young people's tastes can change quite often. It is better to spend a little more and choose jewelry for teens made of silver.

Design variability and practicality are also no less important characteristics. The Orxata catalog has a lot of transforming jewelry. It's a godsend for teenagers, as they can easily change the design to suit their mood. In addition, you should not be afraid to order online, as the size of each piece of jewelry is adjustable. This is also ideal if you are buying an accessory as a gift. 

Since in most situations, young people want something extraordinary and interesting to stand out from their peers, we suggest paying attention to the Carino transforming Cuff-Ring. Heart-shaped jewelry is a favorite of women of all ages, and it looks especially charming on young girls. It is an accent accessory that can be worn as an unusual mono-earring or a ring.

For those who like modern designs, choose Transforming ear cuffs for airpods. They can be worn with or without headphones. Here are a few ways to wear them:

If a teenager wants to have both a trendy choker and something for special occasions, we recommend the Carino Transforming Necklace. The heart-shaped slider allows you to easily change the design and length of the product. Thus, you can buy only one necklace instead of at least three:

More transforming jewelry here.


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