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Jewelry for children: from traditions to modernity

A word about traditions

Children's jewelry is not just about beautiful and colorful accessories, but also about diverse traditions that have been carried on for centuries. It is often a symbol of protection that serves as a talisman. 

For example, in ancient Asian countries, newborns often were given silver bracelets. It was believed that this metal protected the wearer from evil spirits. In some African countries, children were traditionally given amulets made of natural stones and sometimes wood. Their purpose was to protect the child from evil spirits and diseases. In Western and European countries, jewelry for children also had a deep symbolism. Chains with crosses, silver spoons, and medallions with engravings often became the first jewelry in a kid's life.

Modern jewelry for children

Nowadays, children's jewelry is not only a tribute to traditions, but also a fashion accessory. It can be chosen according to the child's taste and style. Also, interesting accessories can help in the formation of a kid's personality.

So, let's take a closer look at the main types of children's jewels and how to choose them:

  • Bracelets. Modern bracelets for kids can be made of completely different materials. The most popular and practical are gold, silver, leather, or textile options. In many cases, they are customized with engraving with memorable dates or the name of the kid.  Designs with natural gemstone beads are also popular. However, you should be careful with such bracelets, because small details of the jewelry are potentially dangerous as the toddlers can simply swallow them. Such options should be chosen for older children. 

  • Earrings. Miniature earrings with secure clasps are an ideal choice for a little girls. Nowadays, parents often opt for special children's studs made of gold, silver, or medical alloys. To make it more interesting for your child to wear a piece of jewelry, choose earrings with colorful gems or with a design in the form of flowers or animals.

  • Rings. Small rings made of gold or silver and decorated with bright gems or enamel will be a great gift for a birthday or other children's holiday.  However, it is worth saying that if you give a piece with a non-adjustable size, the child will quickly outgrow it. Also, we recommend buying rings for children who are at least 4-5 years old, in the period when toddlers stop putting everything in their mouths. 

  • Necklaces and pendants. Traditionally, the very first piece of jewelry on the kid's neck in most European countries is a gold or silver chain with a cross. It is given by godparents on the day of the child's baptism.  As a secondary jewelry, you can choose a multi-colored pendant or necklace. An interesting and bright design will definitely not leave the child indifferent.

  • Brooches. Funny brooches in the form of animals, flowers or fairy-tale characters will become a bright accent in the kid's outfit. In addition, such an accessory can be worn for a very long time, because it does not depend on the size.  When buying such jewelry, we advise you to choose models on a special secure clip, which will be much safer than options with pins.

Some tips when choosing jewelry for children

When choosing a piece of jewelry for a kid, it's important to consider several factors:

  • Safety. Take care of the safe design of accessories. Choose pieces without sharp edges and small parts that a child can swallow.

  • Materials. It is best to go for accessories made of hypoallergenic materials such as gold, medical alloys, or silver.

  • Size. Jewelry should be the correct size so that the child does not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Try to find options with an adjustable size if you want to extend the wearing period of the article.

  • Design. Do not look at modern adult trends, elegance and versatility. Choose bright and colorful jewelry that will be attractive for your child and will match his or her taste. 

Children's jewelry is not only beautiful accessories, but also a piece of our love and care. And if you choose it according to our recommendations, it will become a real talisman for your child. 

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