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Jewelry for vacation: how to add shine to your summer travels

Summer vacation is a time when we can enjoy our life away from the office, wearing light and airy outfits. Beach walks, time near the pool, evening cocktails under the stars, excursions to picturesque places - vacation gives us unforgettable moments. 

Of course, we want to look especially attractive and stylish while we're travelling. It's pleasing to the eye and it's great for Instagram ;) Jewelry is a perfect tool to help you with this. So, today, let's talk about accessories that you should take with on vacation to feel your best and save space in the suitcase.

Jewelry for vacation: essentials to take with you


A bracelet is a versatile piece of jewelry that will add charm to your summer look. Light and minimalistic variants made of gold and silver as well as more massive designs with natural stones of different colors are ideal for a vacation.  

We offer you an unusual Carino transforming-bracelet. This is a slave bracelet with an accent heart-shaped slider that will definitely become the highlight of your outfit.

Necklaces and chains

Neck jewelry is a must-have component for creating a stylish look. Thin chains with small pendants can add lightness and elegance to your outfit. At the same time, multi-layered designs are a great choice for evening outings. They will add volume and texture to your look. 

In this case, you can take with you only our Carino necklace and cover several items of your jewelry wardrobe at once. It is adjustable in length, so it will be appropriate for any outfit and neckline. However, if you want a multi-layered piece of jewelry, we recommend the Forma transforming necklace.

Mono earrings and cuffs

Sure, there is no way to go without earrings! When on vacation, give preference to interesting and unconventional models of ear jewelry, because there is no better time to show your creativity. Choose accent cuffs or mono earrings, or pay attention to asymmetrical pairs.

Our Carino cuff-necklace will be your perfect choice for a summertime outing, as it can be worn both on the neck and on the ear.


Rings are an optional extra on vacation, but interesting designs on tanned fingers look so good! Choose accent models or wear several rings on one finger for a trendy layering effect. Accessories with colored inserts will also look great.  

If we had to choose only one piece of jewelry for vacation, it would be our Brillo transforming ring, which is both accent and feminine at the same time: