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Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 10

More and more often I come across "capsule wardrobe" formulas on the Internet - a universal set of clothes for all occasions, each item of which is perfectly mixed with any other. This is a really cool solution when the shelves are full, but there is still nothing to wear.

Interesting that almost no one tells about the JEWELRY Capsule Wardrobe, although the situation with jewelry is the same: girls often have drawers full of accessories, but it is impossible to combine them with each other and with clothes. "I bought it because it is beautiful", but what to do with all this stuff is unclear. Therefore, today I will present a simple formula for a jewelry capsule wardrobe, which is even easier to assemble with transforming jewelry from Orxata.

Minimum jewelry set

The first component of the formula is 1 long necklace with pendant. The perfect location of pendant is at the level of the solar plexus. Stylists recommend wearing such a necklace with tunics, cardigans and dresses.

The second component is 2 short necklaces, where the pendant is close to the neck. The first of them should fit casual looks, and the second - bold ones.

Already at this stage, according to the stylists, we need 3 jewelry pieces. However, with Orxata you can have only one for all these purpouses! Each of our necklaces can be transformed in several different ways. Here is an example of the Entero cuff necklace:

The third component is statement earrings. This issue can be easily covered by our Entero cuff-necklace, because it transforms into a luxurious ear cuff with chains.

According to the stylists, this should be already the 4th piece, but we can still wear only the Entero cuff-necklace! I find it very conscious and especially convenient when traveling.

The fourth component is minimalistic earrings for casual or athleisure looks. For this occasion, we have Barcelona transforming earrings with optional chains. The chains can be completely removed or wrapped around the ears. If you let the chains hang freely, you get the statement earrings about which we mentioned above. So, with just one pair of earrings, you get two components for your Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe!