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Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Design Process of Our new jewelry collection Cariño

Have you ever imagined how much work and different processes are involved in producing unique transforming jewelry from Orxata? 

The addition of a new collection to our catalog is the result of several months of preparations and careful consideration of every detail, from design to shooting and selecting photos for the website. Today we are ready to unlock the secrets and show the process of creating our new jewelry collection Cariño in more detail. So, read on to find out how all the engineering and design magic happens.

Searching for new ideas and inspiration

This is exactly what every new jewelry collection is born from. We don't create designs because we are pressured by deadlines for new products. We create them when we have a clear idea of what we want to give to our audience.

We are inspired by new and forgotten trends, strong and distinctive people, interesting and unusual engineering and architectural solutions, and the desires of our clients.  We have received hundreds of requests for heart-shaped jewelry, but we just shrugged our shoulders because we did not have a decent engineering solution to turn the heart into an unexpected transformer. The serch for new ideas continued over a year and a half, and as a result, we created even two designs within the same collection.

Design and prototyping

The main creative mind behind each piece of Orxata jewelry is the brand's founder, Olena Kucherniuk. Her sketches with detailed dimensional calculations and descriptions of the details are firstly sent for 3D modeling, then for 3D printing, and from there - to the casting shop and for finishing.

Making corrections to the prototype requires repeating this cycle several times before we achieve the perfect fit of the jewelry on the body and functionality. The development of each new model is extremely time-consuming and expensive, but we always end up with a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Preparing a new jewelry collection for release

After the prototypes are approved, we make samples of the entire collection to take photos, videos, and macro plans so that you can see the jewelry in detail from all angles and in all its possible transformations. It's a painstaking job that requires precision and meticulousness, because each model can be transformed into 3, 7, 10 or even more variants! Just imagine how much time it takes to shoot each of them. We think through all the possible transformations of each accessory and write them down before the shoot so that we don't waste valuable time on location and don't miss anything.

A detailed description of the collection's functionality for the website and online presentation is another piece of work! All the processes take about six months, and since we present new collections 3-4 times a year, their creation almost always takes place in parallel. You can see how resource-intensive this work is, but you can also see the perfect result, about which you constantly write to us on social media.

Receiving such feedback as "I picked up your jewelry from the post office - it's incredible!" is our main motivation and the highest reward. After all, our mission is to give women not just jewelry, but the pleasure of self-expression and creativity.

With pride and excitement, we invite you to check out our new Cariño collection here.



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