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Zendaya's jewelry by Bulgari: favorites of her Instagram

Zendaya Coleman (many of her fans don't even know her last name, so we decided to add it;) is a famous American actress, model, and singer. Despite her young age, she's only 27 now, Zendaya has managed to make millions of people from all over the world fall in love with her talent. 

Since the age of 10, the girl has been actively participating in various shows and projects and gained popularity back in 2010. But the real recognition came to Zendaya after the release of the Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland. 

Since then, the actress has been under the sights of cameras almost 24×7, and therefore began to attract the attention of major brands, including Bulgari. In 2020, the jewelry giant invited Zendaya to become its ambassador. Their collaboration looks so organic that many people already associate the actress and the brand as something inseparable.

So, today we decided to review Zendaya's jewelry by Bulgari.

Zendaya's jewelry by Bulgari

Of course, one of the most luxurious and beautiful pieces of jewelry that first comes to mind when you think of Zendaya is the Emerald Glory Necklace. This is one of the best masterpieces of Bulgari jewelers, which took more than 3,000 hours of work. 

This necklace combines almost 75 transparent pear-cut diamonds and 11 large emeralds from Colombia. The basis of this accent jewelry is white gold.

The photo of the American actress wearing this necklace caused a real furor. 

Many people also associate Zendaya with Bulgari's super famous Serpenti Viper collection. The brand accompanied the girl with its line of jewelry at numerous events. 

On the photo we can see the main designs of the collection:

  • three different variations of bracelets. The first one is a white gold bracelet with a path of diamonds. The second one is a pink gold bracelet with a diamond pave. And the third one is also made of pink gold, but the gems are placed only on the tail and head of the serpent.

  • Serpenti Viper earrings in the shape of snakes inlaid with small diamonds in combination with white gold.

  • diamond rings in white and pink gold. The first version of the ring has only one swirl around the finger, and the second has two swirls, which adds even more shine.

On the third photo, which we took from Zendaya's Instagram, you can see a necklace from the aforementioned Serpenti Viper collection, as well as an extraordinary pair of earrings under the name Fiorever Earrings.

This unique design of white gold jewelry combines three flowers of different sizes, and each of them is encrusted with multiple brilliant-cut diamonds. A true luxury associated with wealth and status.

And the final photo of the actress for today. On it we can see a whole set of jewelry 

There is a bold combination of a number of pieces but the public especially loved the mix of two rings (