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What suits you better - gold or silver? Take the test!

Some girls are dulled by white gold or silver, while others are overwhelmed by gold jewelry. Why does it happen? The reason is that the color of jewelry, just like clothing, should be chosen in accordance with your color type. However, how do you know what suits you better - gold or silver? To help you determine, we have prepared an exciting quiz test.

What metal color suits you?

You can figure out which color of jewelry is best for you by taking into account several factors. So, let's have a closer look at them.

  1. Determine your skin tone

The first step in choosing between gold or silver is to identify your skin tone. It can be warm, cold or neutral.

  • Warm undertone. If your wrist veins appear green and your skin tans easily, you have a warm undertone. Gold jewelry usually suits such people. Yellow or pink gold will emphasize your skin tone and make it more glowing.

  • Cold undertone. If your veins look blue or purple, and your skin is prone to redness and frequently gets sunburned, you have a cold undertone. In this case, silver or white gold is the best choice. These metals will perfectly match your color type and give your look elegance and freshness.

  • Neutral undertone. If it's difficult to determine the color of your veins, or if you can clearly see both green and blue vessels on your wrist, it means that you will look equally good in silver and gold, as you have a neutral undertone. In this case, you can choose jewelry depending on your mood and outfit.

2. Consider your style and preferences

Your style of dress and taste also play an important role when choosing a metal color.

  • Classic. If you like wearing something conservative and elegant, you can choose both gold and silver jewelry. Silver and white gold will add sophistication and elegance, while gold plated silver, yellow or rose gold will demonstrate your status and exquisite taste.

  • Bohemian. For boho lovers, yellow and pink shades of gold will be the perfect solution. Accessories of this color will emphasize the brightness and uniqueness of your style.

  • Casual. If your wardrobe consists of comfortable, simple and laconic clothes, pay attention to universal jewelry in silver shades. Their cool shine will perfectly complement any of your outfits.

And of course, don't forget about cases with a dress code, when the invitation to an event will already indicate what you should choose. 

A Quick Test: What suits you better - gold or silver?

Answer the following questions and find out the results below.

  1. What type of jewelry do you wear more often?

A) I prefer silver in gold plating, yellow, or rose gold.

B) I often choose silver jewelry or pieces made of white gold.

C) I can't name one particular favorite.

  1. How does your skin react to the sun?

A) I tan quickly and rarely get sunburned.

B) I get sunburned in literally half an hour.

C) Sometimes I tan normally, and sometimes I get sunburned.

  1. What color are your veins on your wrist?

A) Green.

B) Blue or purple.

C) I can't tell, or there are both shades.

  1. What colors prevail in your closet?

A) Warm colors (yellow, warm pink).

B) Cold colors (blue, gray).

C) Neutral shades (milk, beige, gray).

  1. What style appeals to you?

A) Bohemian, bright.

B) Classic, elegant.

C) Casual, minimalist.

Results of the test

  • Majority of A. You are about gold or silver in gold plating.

  • Majority of B. Silver or white gold is your perfect choice. 

  • Majority of C. Both shades of metal suit you, so feel free to experiment!

Once you have a better understanding of what color of metal is best for you, choosing jewelry will become easier. It means that from now on you will definitely be able to pick a piece of jewelry from Orxata that will emphasize your beauty and personality.