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Types of diamond cuts: your personal guide

Ladies' best friends are, of course, diamonds. Every woman dreams of having at least one piece of jewelry with this precious gem in her collection, as it can emphasize both beauty and status. However, when it comes to choosing one, a lot of questions immediately arise in mind. And the most common one is about the cut. 

Indeed, today the jewelry industry offers us many options. Some are more popular, some less, some may be more expensive than others, and so on. So, today we will talk about the most prominent types of diamond cuts and their distinctive features. By the end of the text, you will definitely be able to determine your favorites.

The main types of diamond cuts


The round cut, or as it is also called “ brilliant ”, is the most popular and demanded on the market. That's why a lot of jewelry has such diamonds.

Depending on the gem, the classic type of this cut can have from 48 to 58 facets. If you look at a diamond from above, it has a flat top through which you can see all the facets converging on the back to one point. Thus, the stone perfectly reflects the light, while its shape is easily suitable for any jewelry and is considered a timeless classic.

You can see a round diamond cut in our Nimbo collection. Both transforming earrings and double-sided pendants from this line are inlaid with diamonds of the most exquisite KR-57 cut, that is, they have 57 facets. Moreover, this refers not only to diamonds, but also to cubic zirconia! This makes it virtually impossible to distinguish our zirconia jewelry from diamond pieces with the naked eye. Because of this, the famous stylist Margarita Muradova ( ), who also wears Nimbo jewelry, even asked our manager if she had accidentally received a diamond set instead of a set with zirconium.

Princess cut

The princess cut is the second most popular after the round cut, although it appeared only a few decades ago and is considered relatively young. The style of the cut itself is very similar to the aforementioned type, the only difference is that the gem is square in shape at the output.

Due to its proportionality and sharpness of lines, the Princess cut diamond reflects light well, perfectly demonstrates the purity of the mineral, and has a modernistic look.


This cut is characterized by a stepped structure with long facets. That is, this type is perfect for elongated stones of high quality and accentuates their purity. However, you should not expect a very bright play of light here. 

Emerald-cut diamonds are suitable for those who appreciate restraint and elegance. They can be found mostly in pendants or rings, where large gems are appropriate.


The Cushion cut diamond represents a square with rounded corners and soft facets. Some people compare it to the Princess cut, but despite some similarities, they are completely different. 

The Cushion cut has been used for centuries and generally looks very good in bracelets and rings. Such diamonds are about femininity and unique style.


The pear-shaped cut, also known as the teardrop cut, is currently experiencing its peak in popularity and is particularly favored by Hollywood celebrities. By the way, you can find posts on our blog about celebrity jewelry, where this particular cut of diamonds is often found.

It looks very unusual and sophisticated, and is based, like most types, on the principles of a round cut.