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Style and elegance in one piece of jewelry: what is a Slave Bracelet?

There are a lot of exquisite and interesting pieces in the world of jewelry. Each of them has its own unique history and character. One of these jewelry pieces is a slave bracelet, or as it is also called in Asian countries - Hathphool. 

So, in this post, we will describe in detail what a slave bracelet is, what it looks like, and how to choose such accessory to look trendy this season.

What is a slave bracelet?

A slave bracelet is a piece of hand jewelry that combines a bracelet and a ring. By the way, Orxata's customers always ask on our Instagram: “Do you have a bracelet with a ring?” Usually, these two components are connected by one or more chains, creating the effect of a completely unified accessory. 

Modern slave bracelets are available in different styles and from different types of metal. It is also possible to find designs with transparent and colored gemstones.

Brief history of the name of the slave bracelet

Of course, everyone is interested in the reason why the slave bracelet has the word “slave” in its name. We do not know for sure whether this jewelry was really connected with slavery, but there are versions that some oriental female slaves were decorated with such bracelets. It was one of the ways to declare the high origin of the slave, which in its turn greatly influenced her price. 

Main types of slave bracelets

There are several main types of these interesting accessories, each of which has its own unique characteristics:

Classic. It consists of one bracelet and one ring connected by a chain. This is the most common design that can be found in almost every modern jewelry brand.

Slave bracelet with several rings. It includes from 2 to 5 rings attached to the bracelet with chains. This design creates a more complex and spectacular look and is used for special events. In India, for example, such options are usually chosen by brides. 

Slave cuff bracelet. Instead of a regular chain bracelet, this design is based on a wide cuff one that holds its shape. Also, there can be several rings or just one.

Slave bracelet with multiple chains. In this version of the jewelry, the ring, even if it is one, and the bracelet are joined by many thin chains. Together they create the effect of an elegant web.

How to choose a slave bracelet?

Of course, any woman wants to get the best piece of jewelry that can perfectly fit her and please her for a long time. Therefore, we have prepared some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Select high-quality material. Slave bracelets can be made of different metals, including gold, silver, platinum, medical steel, or bijuterii. We advise you to choose gold, silver or platinum options that will look attractive for a long time and won't wear out quickly.

  • Practical and versatile design. Think about the occasion for which you are buying the jewelry and pay attention to whether you will be comfortable wearing it. Also, if you are considering options with gemstones, it is better to choose neutral colors that will match your entire wardrobe.

  • Size. It is essential that the bracelet and ring fit perfectly on your hand. We recommend that you pay attention to adjustable models that can be adapted to your hand. We are proud to be almost the only brand in the world that offers slave bracelets with the ability to transform the design and adjust the size. At least we haven't found any analogues to our jewelry yet.

Here are some of our bestsellers in this category: 

In the section with our bracelets you will find even more interesting designs, all of which are fully adjustable. Do not refuse yourself the pleasure of self-expression with Orxata.