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Office jewelry: stylish accents in a business look

When it comes to office style, jewelry is not just a detail that adds shine and elegance to your outfit. It is a powerful tool that can emphasize individuality, professionalism, status, and a sense of style. 

However, in order to achieve all of the above, you should pay attention to the right choice of office jewelry. This post will help you with that.

How to choose office jewelry

No doubt, one of the main criteria for choosing accessories for formal outfits is their modesty and elegance. Bright and massive designs can distract the attention of your colleagues or clients, and therefore will not fit into the regulated style. 

We also always recommend giving preference to minimalistic but high-quality positions. Choose universal silver or gold pieces, which are much more cost-effective to invest in than short-lived bijouterie. And now, more about jewelry.


Pay attention to minimalist stud earrings or hoop earrings of small diameters - such accessories do not draw too much attention and at the same time complete any outfit. They are considered to be the standard and always look appropriate.

For office looks, Orxata offers you the Arco Transforming Earrings and the Barcelona Transforming Earrings. Both models are minimalist studs, but the thoughtful design and the ability to transform will not leave anyone indifferent.


Whatever ring options you consider for your look, they should also be restrained and minimalistic. One or two small pieces of jewelry on your hand will be enough. 

Here are two of our favorite chain-based ring designs for you to consider - Barcelona and Forma


Elegant pendants on thin chains are the best neck jewelry for the office. As for the length of the jewelry, you can choose both longer and shorter options, depending on the type of neckline and your mood.

In the Orxata catalog, the most popular among business ladies are the Espacio and Barcelona transforming necklaces. They always look stylish and suit any neckline because you can adjust their length.


Thin and laconic wrist chains are a great choice for office style. They will not overload the outfit with their shine, but rather emphasize the wrist.

Our transforming bracelets Lisa and Forma will definitely be the perfect addition to your looks. The first one is an interesting design with pendants, and the second one offers an adjustable ring as a bonus. Which of them would you choose?