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Meet the Maker: An Interview with the Creative Mind Behind Our Brand

Orxata is a brand of unique transforming jewelry that has been making it possible for women to express their creativity and establish a functional jewelry wardrobe for over 4 years. Thousands of #Orxatagirls are already accustomed to transforming our jewelry in one movement and instantly adjusting it to a different neckline, style or occasion.

The Orxata brand brings not only jewelry into the world, but also its own strong philosophy and vision. We always stand for experiments, for new engineering solutions in designs, for revolutionary, for creativity and for honesty with our customers. 

So, today, during a short interview, we addressed 5 interesting and unusual questions to the main person behind all the processes of the brand, who is also its creative mind - Olena Kucherniuk. Thanks to her answers, you will learn a little more about Orxata and its mission. So, let's get to the questions!

1.  How did you come up with the idea of the brand?

Before starting Orxata, I worked for 15 years on television and YouTube. Like any person who produces intangible products, I have wanted to make a product that you can touch, take with you and keep for a long time. During the quarantine of 2020, I rummaged through a bag of gifted bijouterie that I never wore over the years. I cut up the necklaces and chains, reassembled them into new jewelry, and made a body chain that transformed into a necklace. "What a cool idea!" - I thought. It became the starting point for Orxata.

2. How do you develop new engineering solutions for jewelry?

You probably already know that my dad was an engineer) The need to assemble, disassemble and construct something is in my nature. I always have certain sketches and "semi-finished designs" in my head. When these raw ideas become something more concrete, I make sketches and work out the small details.

3. How many people help you with the realization of your designs?

Already for 3.5 years, we have a chief jeweler with the same keen interest in constructive and functional design as I do. He is the only person I can consult about my engineering hypotheses and designs. 

4. How do you see the further development of Orxata?

Of course, it will be a global success, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this) I believe that Ukrainians, as a nation, have an extraordinary engineering talent. And my mission is to tell the world about it with my transforming jewelry. Sooner or later, Orxata designs will be worn by creative girls on all continents!

5. Have you experienced any funny incidents or problems in the process of making jewelry or delivering it?

I wouldn't say it is funny, but a very cute incident happens with Orxata again and again. Girls who meet the brand for the first time ask in Direct "Can I see more photos of this necklace?". And when the manager sends a photo of the necklace in different transformations, the clients write "No, I'm interested in the first necklace, not the other 6". And how emotional are the girls' reactions when they are told that "It's all the same necklace - you just can transform it!" This is the wow effect that makes me love Orxata and everything I do!

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