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Does a tennis bracelet have any connection with the sport?

For decades, the tennis bracelet has been considered a timeless classic and almost all women dream of having it in their jewelry wardrobe. It is a versatile base that fits perfectly to any outfit without drawing too much attention to itself, but creating a status look.

Among the fans of the bracelet are Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and others. Princess Diana, by the way, also used to wear such a bracelet without taking it off.

The classic format of this jewelry is a white gold or platinum base on which transparent diamonds are placed in an even and continuous path. The clasps are usually invisible (placed from the inside) in order to create the much desired infinity effect.

Photo by Sabrianna on Unsplash

Nowadays, jewelers have developed the idea of a tennis bracelet so that you can find designs with different colored stones on different bases. They use not only inserts of natural origin, but also laboratory-grown gems. Thus, brands have significantly expanded the price range and made this jewelry more affordable.

Some jewelry houses also present these bracelets not only in the form of one continuous diamond path, but combine two or three at once. In a word, there is really a wide range of options when choosing.

Tennis bracelet: the origin of the name

We've already figured out how a tennis bracelet looks like, where it fits, and which celebrities adore it. However, how did this jewelry get its name? 

We all know that sports and fine jewelry are two incompatible things. However, when absolute opposites are combined, it is imprinted in the memory for a long time. This is the case with the name of the tennis bracelet. 

In the 80s, the American professional tennis player by the name of Chris Evert was very popular. She stood out among other athletes for her love of delicate feminine looks and all kinds of jewelry, so she wore jewelry even to competitions. 

One of Chris's favorite pieces of jewelry was a diamond bracelet by Cartier, which she considered her lucky charm and never took off. One day, in the midst of a competition, she lost her favorite accessory. Instead of continuing the game despite the incident, Evert stopped it until she found her bracelet on the court. 

This unusual event stuck in the public's memory, and since then, Chris's bracelet has been called a tennis bracelet. A little later, this name was applied to all similar models. Thus, today we have a tennis bracelet.

Some interesting information

We were so fascinated by the story of the tennis bracelet and Chris Evert that we decided to do some research and learn a little more about this revolutionary woman. 

So, nowadays Chris is 69 years old and she still leads an active lifestyle, plays tennis and, what is important, wears tennis bracelets. And recently, Kris even created a line of tennis bracelets in collaboration with the Monica Rich Kosann brand. Just look at this beauty:

From Chris Evert's Instagram

Thus, the legendary woman who inspired the name “tennis bracelet” has realized her old dream and created something truly special for her audience.

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