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Buy jewelry online: must-haves for your shopping

These days, you can do almost everything online: pay for utilities, receive or send money, work, obtain necessary documents, buy clothes and groceries. 

A lot of people have already experienced all the advantages that modern technology provides us, because you can do a lot of things without leaving your home. But what about buying jewelry? 

How to buy jewelry online?

Despite the prevalence of online shopping, many people are convinced that it is impossible to buy a really high-quality and fully suitable accessory without looking at it in a showcase. This approach is certainly logical, but you need to spend extra time and money on a trip to the mall, seeing the assortment, and having coffee or lunch while shopping, and what if you have urgent business and have to go to choose a piece of jewelry more than once?

In this regard, sitting at home with a cup of tea and scrolling through the catalog of your favorite brand is much more convenient! You can interrupt for important things, look through all the available positions at your own pace and choose what you like best. To ensure that such an experience is really successful for you and you get a high-quality and lovely piece of jewelry, we have prepared some tips for your online shopping.

Choose accessories in an adequate price range.

It is important to understand that if you are looking for gold or silver jewelry, the price cannot be lower than the market standard at the moment. That is, if 1 gram of gold costs $50 everywhere, and you find a piece of jewelry weighing 4 grams at a price of $55, then most likely there is something wrong. It may be a fake, ordinary plating, or just non-ferrous metal with a very high percentage of impurities.

We do not recommend going for low price tags, because a quality product cannot be cheap.

Read jewelry descriptions carefully and ask the seller if you are interested in something.

This is another recommendation that will help you make a successful purchase. Carefully study the information about the product with its weight, dimensions, and characteristics of gemstones (if any). Also, don't be afraid to ask an online consultant about the terms of purchase, delivery, and exchange or return. For example, according to the law, jewelry of good quality cannot be exchanged or returned. However, we in Orxata, on our own initiative, give our customers the opportunity to return or exchange silver jewelry within 3 days after receipt, which makes your online purchase even safer. Choose favorable and fair conditions.

Make sure to look at photos or videos of the jewelry on the model.

It's best to buy a product when you have photos or videos of it from different angles, especially on a model. This way, you can evaluate how the jewelry looks and avoid the well-known “expectation-reality” effect as much as possible. 

Order accessories strictly according to the size chart, or better yet, buy jewelry with an adjustable size.

In order to buy jewelry online, you should know your exact size, especially when it comes to rings. Ask for a size chart and measure your size in one of the available methods if you don't know it yet. 

In the Orxata catalog, all jewelry has an adjustable size, you can adapt it to yourself in one motion, which makes it ideal for online shopping. That's why you can easily choose any transforming accessories from us, both for yourself and as a gift. Here are our favorite rings with adjustable sizes:

Find even more variable designs here.



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