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Demi-fine jewelry is made of semi-precious metals: gold filled, vermeil and sterling silver. It has high quality so just like the fine jewelry, demi-fine jewelry can be worn every day.

The emergence of the demi-fine niche was made possible by the development of technology - now the quality of real gold has become more affordable.

The price segment of demi-fine jewelry is halfway between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Demi-fine jewelry can be compared to branded pret-a-porter clothing. It perfectly combines high quality, contemporary design and affordable price.

All demi-fine jewelry must have a quality tag that identifies the metal. In ORXATA jewelry we use just three types of such high quality metals.


Fine sterling silver

A classic alloy, where 92.5% is pure silver and 7.5% is copper. In ORXATA jewelry we use silver chains in the most expensive technique - a diamond cut chain and hammered links chain. We love them for their luxurious look and bright shine.

The quality of silver jewelry is confirmed by the '925' quality tag.


Gold vermeil

Vermeil is a high-quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold is coated upon sterling silver The gold layer on vermeil jewelry is 40 times thicker than on mass market of jewelry.

The quality of gold vermeil jewelry is confirmed by the '925' quality tag.


Gold filled


Gold filled is a brand new gold finished products  technology according to the US standard. It is a 14K gold jewelry piece  filled with brass or cooper.

In the jewelry world, gold filled is considered as a smart alternative to traditional solid gold products, because  its luxurious look lasts for years, yet it's price is affordable.

The quality of gold filled jewelry is confirmed by the '1/20 14K' or 'GF' quality tag..

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