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Meghan Markle's jewelry after escaping the palace

Updated: May 14

Perhaps there is no such person who has not heard about the scandal of the British royal family related to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It was and still is on everyone's mind, because the story is shrouded in secrecy and hidden behind the impregnable walls of Buckingham Palace.

In short, back in 2020, the Dukes of Sussex made a public announcement that they wanted to leave the royal palace and move overseas to live their lives. Obviously, everything was headed for this, as rumors of misunderstandings within the royal family periodically appeared in the British information space.

The desire to leave the palace, of course, is not just about a physical change of residence. This statement says that the couple will not be burdened with the strict rules and responsibilities of the family, however, they will not be financially supported by it either. It is the last point that interests many people, because everyone wants to know about the future of the unique collection of jewelry that Meghan had.

Meghan Markle's jewelry 

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As of today, we still don't know for sure the exact number of adornments Meghan had. However, according to some unofficial sources, the collection included more than 90 different pieces of jewelry. 

Despite her status, Meghan has always been more bold and independent in her choice of accessories than Kate Middleton or Princess Diana. She could wear something in the boho style (which does not fit into the royal regulations) or choose jewelry from not too expensive brands. 

However, many jewelry experts note that during her time in the palace, Markle added at least $600,000 to her jewelry box. She bought some items on her own, but the most luxurious accessories were mostly gifts from the royal family. Also, the Duchess has been noticed many times wearing jewelry from the British Crown.

Below are the most spectacular of Meghan Markle's jewelry in which she appeared in public:

  • Gold bracelet inlaid with blue sapphires. This jewelry used to belong to Princess Diana, and later was inherited by Harry, who gave it to his wife.

  • Diamond butterfly earrings. The Duchess wore these luxurious accessories to officially announce her pregnancy.

  • Diamond earrings with pearls. One of the first gifts from Queen Elizabeth II in honor of Meghan and Harry's trip to Cheshire.

  • Diamond bracelet by Cartier. A gift from Prince Charles for the couple's wedding, which Markle wore to the ceremony.

  • Princess Diana's aquamarine ring. An accent jewelry ring that Prince Harry gave Meghan for their wedding.

  • Wedding ring. This one is made of Welsh gold, which is available only to members of the royal family.

  • Engagement ring. The ring Harry proposed to Meghan has a large diamond from Botswana and a pave of smaller gems.

  • Ring with a diamond pave. A gift from Harry for 1st wedding anniversary.

  • Queen Mary's tiara. The Duchess was seen wearing this luxurious headpiece at the marriage ceremony.

What did the Duchess of Sussex take with her?

Of course, Meghan and Harry's family is still quite conservative and does not disclose much to the public. That is why it is simply impossible to name all the jewelry that passed into Markle's possession. However, we can say for sure that the following pieces remain in her collection:

  • Wedding ring;

  • Ring with a diamond pave, presented on the anniversary of the marriage;

  • Engagement ring.

Most likely, such positions as the precious tiara and some others that the couple inherited from Princess Diana as well could have remained in the palace. However, perhaps soon the secrecy will be revealed and we will know more about it.

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